Greenback [noun]

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Not long ago, back in March, the greenback soared as equities fell.

The greenback accounted for a far larger share of global banking transactions, as the Communist Party resists calls to ease currency controls.

The euro is up 9% against the greenback since April as dollar-shorts build up.

You fed one greenback to a cab-horse down at the Caf Boulevard, said Tootles, trying to be helpful.

One of de officers what spent de night dar lost his pocket book an' in it wuz seven greenback dollars, de fust I eber seed.

"Well, I declare," muttered the Deacon, as he fished a greenback out of a leather pocketbook fastened with a long strap.

The doctor purchased and paid for the dogs, handing the boy a crisp five dollar greenback bill.

It was on this intense labor discontent that the greenback agitation fed and grew.

The aggregate greenback vote cast in the election exceeded a million, and fourteen Representatives were sent to Congress.

It is a rule that nothing so stimulates the production of cream in the financial pastures as that curious esculent the greenback.