Greenery [noun]

Definition of Greenery:

organism belonging to the vegetable kingdom

Synonyms of Greenery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Greenery:


Sentence/Example of Greenery:

We see that in some of the towers that are placed on buildings for cell phone usage, we can actually diversify the rooftops like some of the establishments in Industry City, The Navy Yard, they have a different greenery grown on their rooftop.

Nine acres of new neighborhood parks are proposed, preserving the greenery that was represented by the previous golf course.

Of course, Singapore has a tropical climate that supports year-round greenery.

Please note the plant is glued into the pot, so you could not remove faux greenery and switch out.

Entire communities of tiny creatures develop and thrive inside these tangled balls of greenery.

But Jean and Jeanne love the river neither for the greenery of its banks nor its clear waters that mirror the heavens.

The house was all decorated with scented greenery above and below.

At its forward end, just a speck against the greenery, a triangle of other color was creeping on.

The bush behind them through which the fire had passed showed trees stripped of their greenery and outlined with glowing embers.

Vines threatened to engulf the circling street of sepulchers in greenery and bloom, and grass to encroach on the flower plots.