Greenhorn [noun]

Definition of Greenhorn:

inexperienced person

Synonyms of Greenhorn:

Opposite/Antonyms of Greenhorn:

Sentence/Example of Greenhorn:

Of course it was a pretty greenhorn trick, but I guess no harm will come of it.

I'll learn you to leave junk in my way, you greenhorn squirt!

The Greek mill-hand sells the greenhorn a job, and takes his chances on the foreman giving the man work.

She, on her side, perceiving what a greenhorn she had to deal with, made up her shrewd little mind to set her cap for me.

An old trapper who has a couple of traps and lots of experience will catch more fur than the greenhorn with a complete outfit.

I was but a country greenhorn, you know, and quite unused to city prices.

No use letting the "hoi-polloi" get on to it that I was a greenhorn.

It was that scabby greenhorn who must have taken it into her head.

So he would be no greenhorn there, and wouldn't they be happy—he, Mamie, and little Joey!

That you are a lump of horse and a greenhorn and nothing else!