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So let us take a trip back into deep time, a journey that will begin with the familiar climate of recorded history and end in the feverish, high-CO2 greenhouse of the early age of mammals, 50 million years ago.

Pepco’s Climate Change Commitment includes more than 20 actions to help combat the climate crisis and drive its own greenhouse gas emissions down by 70 percent over the next five years.

Globally, transportation produces about 16 percent of greenhouse gas emissions.

Whether it shakes out as a valid way for the county to help meet its greenhouse gas reduction goals remains to be seen.

That’s in part because emissions of greenhouse gases continue to go up every year.

“Even before the Industrial Revolution, greenhouse gases have been increasing since 6,000 years ago,” Bova says.

The switch to electric vehicles has been promoted as a major, necessary step to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to stave off the worst effects of a changing climate.

Other groups are exploring ways of using minerals, trees, plants and soil to pull down the greenhouse gas.

Vilsack has been working for the dairy lobby, and animal agriculture is a major source of greenhouse gases.

This led to the domestication of bumblebees for pollination in agriculture, particularly in greenhouses.