Greenness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Greenness:

For the waters of Nemrim shall be desolate, for the grass is withered away, the spring is faded, all the greenness is perished.

The houses were of wood, and chiefly painted white, sweet and cool in the vast greenness.

Unless thoroughly washed, it has a tendency to greenness in time.

You would also be saved the pain of rejecting servants to their faces, on the ground of "greenness," or bodily unfitness.

He pushed the diffident greenness back, and went whistling rudely across the lands.

In India they enjoy longer lives, and retain their greenness for the greater part of a year.

Its greenness is intensified by contrast with the dried-up grass on the grazing lands.

In this direction, too, I saw a few stunted trees, with here and there an appearance of greenness on the surface of the plain.

She was silent whilst he worked, looking round at the afternoon, the red cottages shining among their greenness.

On returning to our own frontiers, I had an opportunity of displaying my exemplary greenness.