Greet [verb]

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Walking up the main staircase you’re greeted by portraits of Mikhail Gorbachev, Pablo Neruda, and, of course, George Washington.

When those powers emerge, she is greeted with horror by society.

In many cities, though, rank-and-file police officers are greeting these efforts with an apparent pullback.

Jon Landau, the producer of both Titanic and Avatar, greeted us as we entered the typical American conference room, with the air-conditioning turned to “Arctic” and thick blue carpet that muted our footsteps.

So we all greeted the architects’ arrival this week as a sign that things are finally starting to nudge back in the direction of normal.

They hold weekly events, meet and greets, and serve as a key resource for the greater community.

While some may be greeted with a large image and a sign-up prompt, others may see an introductory video when they arrive on the same website, for instance.

At the store he would never have given in, but he was not accustomed to hearing so loud a murmur of approval greet the opposition.

"Fine, Mr. Glavis," replied Mildred's mother, arising to greet him for the second time that day.

"I just happened to be passin' and thought I'd drop in for a spell," he said, with a profound bow to Mary, who arose to greet him.