Greetings [noun]

Definition of Greetings:

welcome; message of kindness

Synonyms of Greetings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Greetings:

Sentence/Example of Greetings:

Virginia Wilson murmured aghast, when the introductions and first greetings were over.

An unknown sympathizer sends greetings, in the name of humanity.

Fennefos, entering by the street door, was received in the unlighted passage by many friendly hands and affectionate greetings.

Returning on the morrow, he found Mr. Wilding at table with Nick Trenchard, and he cut short the greetings of both men.

The two exchanged cordial greetings, and David immediately prepared to give his friend a hearty meal.

When Richard or Musa went each day to ask for her, she would send kind greetings; but said she could not see them.

The conjoint movement of the leaders toward the Indian bivouac was a signal for their followers to mingle and exchange greetings.

Greetings to you and other Speculatives of our date, long bygone, alas!

And so the letter ended with greetings from Howel and Nona, and many words concerning their kindness to him.

He exchanged nods and greetings with several, and then settled down to examine his catalogue and note likely items.