Gregariousness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Gregariousness:

He was a treasured friend, unrelentingly cheerful with an infectious smile and gregarious manner.

Swafford, a composer who has written biographies of Ives, Beethoven and Brahms, calls Mozart “the sanest, most gregarious, least self-flagellating” of his subjects, fundamentally a happy man.

A gregarious locust is a larger, hungrier locust than before.

They transform into what scientists call their “gregarious” form.

In addition to working on safety, researchers will need to learn more about ways to spread vaccines in various species — particularly in animals that are less gregarious than bats.

As a second choice he should be of the Thoracic type, to supply the gregariousness which the Cerebral lacks.

The formation of human societies is directly connected with the gregariousness of the nearest related mammals.

They early discover that gregariousness is one of the chief characteristics of an Oxford man.

They cultivate gregariousness, if it is not already temperamental, as one of the cardinal virtues.

One chooses between frosty seclusion and balmy gregariousness.