Gridiron [noun]

Definition of Gridiron:

building or enclosure for entertainment or sports

Synonyms of Gridiron:

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Sentence/Example of Gridiron:

So saying he proceeded to place the red herrings on a gridiron, as if he were the recognised cook of the establishment.

The bourgeois of Nantes turned around sharply and saw the heaped-up combustibles under the gridiron beginning to take fire.

The corpse of Bezenecq the Rich was chained to the gridiron above the dying embers of the coal fire.

Approaching Isoline, he struck against the gridiron, where lay the corpse of the bourgeois of Nantes.

The unhappy Coquerico stripped of all his feathers, the soldier took him and laid him on the gridiron.

Above the entrance—grewsome and realistic spectacle—is poor St. Lawrence broiling away on his stone gridiron!

To the best clocks in England it was usual to apply the gridiron pendulum of Harrison or the mercurial pendulum of Graham.

At each end of this "gridiron" two tall posts were erected five or six feet apart.

Put the steak on the hot greased gridiron—never mind the flare which comes almost at once; it will not hurt us at this stage.

Able to count the days still left you like so many bars on a red-hot gridiron still to be crossed.