Grids [noun]

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In response, the state’s electric grid manager, a private non-profit known as CAISO, said the system was overtaxed and it ordered utilities to cut power to customers, as you may have noticed, for the first time since the 2001 energy crisis.

According to Blanchette’s model, the birds arrange themselves as if they were each standing on their own hexagon in a grid.

These microgrids continue to provide power to smaller communities if their larger grid is shut off.

It also had to be within a few hours’ drive of JPL, and not totally off the grid — the rover team slept in hotels, ate dinner in restaurants and had reliable Wi-Fi to send data to the Earth team every night.

Siegele said the consultant based the recommended upfront cost on “bad math” and undershot SDG&E’s true profit from building the grid on public land.

A simple grid of interlinked arrows explains phase transitions.

The code is designed for qubits that are arranged in a 2-D grid in which each qubit is directly connected to neighboring qubits.

When you think about that— if you take down the electrical grid around a military base, you’re probably also going to shut down electricity going to hospitals.

He huddled as close to the grid as he could get, alert to the slightest movement below as the prisoner faced his captors.

On impulse he stopped to measure it, sure he could squeeze through here, if he could work loose the grid.