Grief [noun]

Definition of Grief:

mental suffering

Opposite/Antonyms of Grief:

Sentence/Example of Grief:

Some are funny and light, and others attempt to speak for a world that’s become mired in grief.

As a culture, we don’t seem to recognize the loss of intimacy or closeness in a relationship as legitimate grief.

Pitched from that home, he becomes home unto himself—home at the speed of light but slower than the speed of grief.

As Katz makes her way through the world, carrying grief and shame and secrets with her all the while, readers will hope for an easing of her burdens.

Flipping between the voices of the family members, Hobson depicts the lingering effects of trauma, and the way grief informs memory and love.

It’s hard, and it’s not annoying, though it does involve surprisingly powerful flashes of anger and frustration and grief.

The true weight of their grief, however, is most obvious in the way they talk around it.

Bower also made illuminating connections between the demoralization, grief and anger that people feel during this pandemic, as they lose friends and family, jobs and social ties.

You wrote two of the defining books on grief, The Year of Magical Thinking and Blue Nights.

In her grief, she toys with the fabric of reality to bring back her husband Vision and create non-existent children for them.