Grievances [noun]

Definition of Grievances:

complaint, gripe

Synonyms of Grievances:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grievances:

Sentence/Example of Grievances:

Old Ripper, a talkative, discontented man, stopped and ventured to enter on his grievances.

The Tory gentry, who were powerful in all the counties, had special grievances.

However, enough about eating; Paul and Digby were philosophers in their way, and had no wish to make grievances out of trifles.

These were positive and weighty grievances, which ought, it was urged, to be remedied.

Mr. Hume entered at considerable length into a recapitulation of the past and present grievances of the Canadians.

Then Robert proceeded to pour out his soul, stating the miners' grievances and their rights as men.

The grievances which had arisen out of it were manifold; and as a remedy for them he proposed the re-union of the two provinces.

If other countries acted in a similar manner, how could the grievances of bygone centuries ever be forgotten?

Yet still there appeared a disposition to express their grievances in humble petitions.

Among the first important acts of this Congress was the declaration of colonial rights, grievances, and policy.