Grieve [verb]

Definition of Grieve:

mourn, feel deep distress

Synonyms of Grieve:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grieve:

Sentence/Example of Grieve:

We can’t ignore this holiday season how many families are grieving, how many families are without jobs and don’t have the same discretionary spending for gifting…and I think it would be remiss for any marketer or business leader to forget about that.

The photographs are one more thing to help them bond and grieve more completely.

Still, she and the rest of Electric’s executives realize that this year has fundamentally hurt its workers—and that they will need support to continue grieving for years to come.

Millions of women across America and the world are grieving Ginsburg’s passing like their own bubbie had died.

Most protests are largely peaceful, but “Citizens gather, grieve, and leave” is no story at all.

I do not intend to vex or grieve you by any conduct of mine; nor do I mean to leave you, now you are both infirm and old.

I grieve that one of the most promising of them is now an inmate in my cabin, in a very delicate state of health.

"Don't grieve as those without hope," she continued, her eyes filling with tears.

Arpad, however, could not imagine what he had said to grieve her; he tried to console her, and asked how he had offended her.

And he has never grown weary of the work, though sometimes he has had to grieve over ill-success.