Grieving [verb]

Definition of Grieving:

mourn, feel deep distress

Synonyms of Grieving:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grieving:

Sentence/Example of Grieving:

That’s the key to responsible mourning — remember that everyone grieves.

In the aftermath of the fire — as so often with disasters — grieving, homeless survivors wanted someone to blame, and Nero seemed a credible villain.

The grieving father played by Ian McShane, is a composite, as is the broken-hearted cheerleader played by Kate Mara.

This didn’t mean that I wasn’t upset when I found out her terminal diagnosis, or that I didn’t grieve for her afterward.

However, some have turned their backs on grieving families and separated children.

The old fire now came over him, and the elders looked round sadly one at another, grieving that they should lose such a brother.

I had been grieving so much of late that this golden opportunity would pass by; but, thank God!

Her poorer neighbours understood far more than the others could understand, how sorely she was grieving about the child.

Is it that we are neglecting the prayerful study of God's Word, and thus grieving the Spirit by whom it was inspired?

On one such inauspicious day, the young poet Junius came into a square, thronged with the grieving populace.