Grievously [adverb]

Definition of Grievously:

dangerously, critically

Synonyms of Grievously:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grievously:

Sentence/Example of Grievously:

The country’s grievous past has so thoroughly spoiled the present that even the Constitution has been called into question.

A full third of the attacking force lay on the ground, dead or grievously wounded.

Moreover, she had never so thoroughly enjoyed being a girl, and love-making would have bored her grievously.

I believe they expected to receive a large sum from these relics: how grievously they were disappointed I need not tell.

The assailants were grievously embarrassed by stones rolled down upon them and by the fire of the archers.

My failure to accomplish the desired result is grievously exasperating, and I feel deeply humiliated.

When Lawrence gathered his little troop together he found that three had been killed and six wounded, three of them grievously.

But in this, we were disappointed—grievously disappointed, and proceed to show in short, our objections to Liberia.

At the same time he realised all in her that was sore and grievously throbbing and needed the delicate touch.

The patient on the bed did not start, he was too grievously hurt to do that, but his white face grew gray with fear.