Grille [noun]

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With these, a light bar is mounted inside the vehicle’s grille, providing a visually neat solution that often requires very little modification.

And indeed, it mattered little to her—an Eastern woman whose life was usually bounded by a grille.

Had the automatic snout poking through the steel grille of the rear of the cage.

The mouth of a junction tunnel ran less than two feet away from that grille.

At last his determination triumphed, and the grille swung out, to fall with an appalling clatter to the floor.

Michael was pleased to observe a grille through which peered the eyes of the monastic porter, inquisitive of the wayfarers.

From there I took one leading straight to the Grille d'Honneur.

She pointed to the door with the grille, and he regarded it with a new interest.

This medium grille if examined on the face is quite different from the foregoing large grille.

By these specimens it has also been determined, that there were at least two distinct sizes of grille.