Grilled [verb]

Definition of Grilled:

broil food

Synonyms of Grilled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grilled:


Sentence/Example of Grilled:

These worms were generally grilled on hot stones, and eaten several at a time like small whitebait.

Renwick smiled at her as he whispered, "I am to be grilled?"

Whether the soul is to be thus comforted or the goat is to be grilled, is a question that has mightily puzzled Vedic doctors.

Four or five hours later, oxen and game, grilled to the point, are served steaming and toothsome upon the table.

Fortunately there are not a large number of the reprints to encounter and grilled specimens are in all probability original.

Never had they tasted such butter, such bread, such grilled chicken, and fried potatoes!

The Scotchman grilled chops in his tiny kitchenette and baked macaroni too; and made ambrosial hot chocolate.

He stood there on guard as Drew hurried through the iron-grilled gates and thrust his knee against the door.

She pressed her gloved hands deep within her muff and almost ran for the iron-grilled gates of the mansion.

Mr. Moore, a delicate pink flush on his cheeks, now came up with his grilled slices, which proved to be excellent.