Grillwork [noun]

Definition of Grillwork:

system of connections

Synonyms of Grillwork:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grillwork:

Sentence/Example of Grillwork:

His fingers gripped the ornamental grillwork, and he was able to pull himself up and over to the narrow runway.

It had grillwork on either side of its head, which probably covered microphones, and another grillwork where the mouth should be.

Behind a traceried grillwork lay heaped a mound of treasures such as no human eye will ever see again.

A car with a smashed fender and damaged front grillwork, had piled against a street lamp.

Handsome gilded grillwork screened a boudoir worthy of a queen.

The side window of James Beldings jewelry store was open behind the grillwork of strong steel bars.

Past the piano, past the tri-di pit; past a towering grillwork holding art treasures by the score.

Oliver solved his problem of entry by driving headlong through the iron grillwork.

There was a piece of grillwork between my station and theirs, through which I could see them plainly.

He saw many buildings, all connected with one another, their small windows protected by iron grillwork.