Griminess [noun]

Definition of Griminess:


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Sentence/Example of Griminess:

Her hands were very grubby and her face not much better, but Edwin seemed not to mind the general griminess of his daughter.

A spot upon a clean palm is more conspicuous than a diffuse griminess over all the hand.

Then he got into his engineer's—dungarees, touched up his face and hands to the required griminess, and sallied forth.

I don't know whether you will like our admiring you on account of your griminess, but we do.

Yet there was something restful in the monochrome of the dresses, the dull smoke-griminess of the station.

Yet, for all their griminess, they had human hearts and voices.

It was luxurious to splash in warm water and bath-salts after the enforced griminess of weeks.

It is the griminess of modern warfare that strikes me as its most characteristic feature.