Grimly [adverb]

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Even the title of the most explicitly grim song, “Dis-Ease,” ostensibly about Covid-19 itself, is a pun on the idea of unease rather than a direct confrontation of illness.

He reported from Cuba, where he interviewed the charismatic revolutionary Che Guevara and had a grim assessment of what the future would hold for the country under Fidel Castro.

Even for museums that have reopened — including storied institutions such as the Met and the MoMA — the eeriness of empty galleries and exhibitions suggests a grim shift in museumgoers’ sense of safety in public spaces.

On that latter metric, the Dakotas are in a particularly grim position.

As if to underscore the difficult days ahead, the United States on Monday hit the latest grim milestone in the pandemic, surpassing 10 million confirmed cases of covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, along with more than 238,000 deaths.

It’s a grim milestone, one that reflects the coronavirus’s contagiousness as well as a global failure to contain its spread.

It’s from the movie “Frozen 2,” one of her kids’ favorites, but the lyrics are pretty grim.

Roll that up in a ball, add in the vagaries of the election, and it all speaks to a pretty grim holiday retail season.

Swedes face a new wave of restrictions after daily coronavirus cases hit a record, with the government warning of a grim winter ahead.

Now, this election mood is more stressful, lacks optimism, grim, and hopeless.