Grimness [noun]

Definition of Grimness:


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Sentence/Example of Grimness:

Prudence suggests that merchants should brace for an even grimmer spring 2021 than the academic calendars suggest.

Three out of 10 hotel employees in the country remain furloughed or laid off, according to the American Hotel and Lodging Association, putting hotel workers in the grim company of airline and restaurant employees.

If this week’s grim third-quarter earnings reports from both Visa and Mastercard are anything to go by — as reported by the Financial Times — the future isn’t bright.

The historical foundation of “The Cold Millions” offers a grim lesson in the endless struggle for better working conditions.

As grim as things are in Wisconsin today, the truth is that Covid-19 isn’t unstoppable.

Cetron, 61, bore his responsibilities with a grim knowledge of the past.

Covid-19 is a grim reminder that decision-making in uncertain situations can be a matter of life and death.

With a presumed six Republicans on the Court, their prospects are even more grim.

Congress hasn’t acted to pass any new aid since the spring, and prospects for a bipartisan deal ahead of the election were looking increasingly grim.

The US today surpassed the grim record of more than 200,000 deaths attributed to the virus.