Grimy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Grimy:

Some shelves had been put up along one side of the stall, and they were piled with a lot of grimy-looking books.

He took the hand she held out to him, and looked down at her out of his grimy, disfigured face, an odd tenderness stirring him.

Men carrying Winchesters are hurrying by, their faces grimy, eyes bold yet anxious.

He had removed his tin cup and was engaged in stirring its grimy contents with a small stick.

Those chats with the doctor in that grimy little consulting-room in Pimlico remained ever in his memory.

She had a dirty red bandanna tied over her dirty, matted hair and under her grimy double chin.

Then she set a second, and a third, holding up her grimy fingers gleefully.

It hung over the grimy overworked mothers, and the poor grimy fledglings of children in the little huddled houses.

The shilling lay in Jenny Westwood's grimy little hand before the lady could interfere.

Still gray weather, I observed through the grimy panes: fog sweeping by with a northeast wind.