Grinding [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Grinding:

When the harvest time arrives in December, each tenant carries his crop to the mill for grinding.

The earnest youth grinding at the academic mill has dreamed it in the pauses of his studious labor.

The grinding of snuff is at present carried on much as it was one hundred years ago.

It is a thing invented by the great to enable them to pursue the grinding and oppression of the small.

There was a ceaseless chorus of distant machinery, and above it rose the grinding and rattling solo of a steam winch.

On the bottom of the bay, near low tide, we begin to find some sand produced by the grinding action.

They settled down quietly to a life of grinding monotony that would have driven some men crazy.

They are busy at work, turning a great wheel inside the mill; and the wheel is busy grinding corn into meal.

The occurrence of these may be prevented by grinding the lime shortly before use.

The omnibus was returning from the railway station and its wheels were grinding on the sand in an unusual manner.