Gripped [verb]

Definition of Gripped:

hold tightly

Synonyms of Gripped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gripped:

Sentence/Example of Gripped:

As Einstein came to grips with Mach’s rejection of relativity, the world of physics was rocked by quantum theory, a revolution Einstein had helped to spark but now refused to join.

Together, a robotic hand could use its eyes to scan an object, plan its movements for grasp, and use touch for feedback to adjust its grip.

I felt like shouting this to the wind, but my grip on the paddle was slipping with sweat, even as my shirt darkened in the cold, wet air.

On an expedition, an adventurer in the grips of mental distress may be unable to operate at full capacity, may lose focus, and could make dangerous decisions without someone along who’s been trained to help.

They’re constructed like mountain-bike gloves, with a snug fit, Velcro closures around the wrists, and a synthetic leather palm that gives me a direct interface with my grips.

He recalled that Gloria was on their side in 2010 when they tried to to raise sales taxes for a city then in the grips of structural revenue deficits, and in 2012 when they fought a ballot measure to end pensions for new, non-police city hires.

The full metal body and non-slip knurled grip provide the ideal weight and balance for “fatigue-free” work.

At the time, the losses of Bell and Brown seemed to suggest Tomlin was losing his grip on the locker room.

Here are some pictures from around the world that show what school looks like in October 2020 in the grip of the worst pandemic in more than 100 years.

The dental industry was already in the grips of change before the pandemic started.