Gripping [adjective]

Definition of Gripping:


Synonyms of Gripping:

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Sentence/Example of Gripping:

Her first novel, “Strangers on a Train,” is a gripping psychological thriller.

This new robot has an extendable arm with a gripping mechanism on the end that allows it to move objects around.

Zeal, who was sitting stiffly forward, his hands gripping the arms of his chair, laughed dryly.

On the bridge he paused and, gripping the parapet, made a surprise attack upon his enemy.

Just as the motor got busy, the dog dropped beside Matt, gripping his right sleeve and tearing a piece out of the stout leather.

"But about your affairs, my child," continued Aunt Maria, suddenly gripping a fresh subject after her quick and startling fashion.

Large and tightly fitted corks may be drawn by gripping the nails with a pair of pliers.

The Jimmy-cow must be occupied by the spirit of some gripping old miser, for she has other traits that are entirely human.

The selfish, gripping hands of Winter, holding nothing sacred, had invaded even there.

Maisie Ann was still gripping my wrist, and I felt a hot tear go splash on my hand.