Grist [noun]

Definition of Grist:

natural resources

Synonyms of Grist:

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Sentence/Example of Grist:

The raw little companies that represent the grist that will shape itself into the next set of giants.

All of this would seem to be grist for some tough questions in a confirmation hearing.

One year of skiing is enough to learn that you’re more than grist for the economic mill.

But men we had known and trails we had followed furnished us plenty of grist for the conversational mill.

A mill used exclusively for grinding grain for local consumption was called a grist or custom mill.

A portion of the grist was usually allowed the owner for his services.

Saw mills, grist mills, and cotton gins, are either erecting or erected throughout the country.

Verily, the mills of the gods grind slowly, but what a grist they grind!

Fifty years ago there was a paper mill and a grist mill at Funkstown, and they may be there yet, and others in addition.

It has a saw and grist mill, two taverns, with a fair sprinkling of stores and workshops.