Gristly [adjective]

Definition of Gristly:

long, thin

Synonyms of Gristly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gristly:


Sentence/Example of Gristly:

The windpipe is composed of a series of cartilaginous or gristly rings connected together by softer tissues.

A certain gristly portion was given, by long custom, to the birds, and came to be known as "the raven's bone."

Tendons of veal are that part of the breast which lies near the ribs, and forms an opaque gristly substance.

Two notches, one circular and one triangular, had been cut from the gristly portion of the right ear of each deer.

Do you remember my little boy who said he was going to the angels, and he would get lots of gristly pork up there?

It was a man, a large brown man who with a busy ax hacked the gristly limbs from the feke as fast as they wrapped around him.

Boil a chicken, in as little water as possible, till the bones slip out and the gristly portions are soft.

It can easily be dissected out in the lamprey—a long gristly rod.

This is surrounded by a sheath of connective tissue, at first merely membranous, later becoming cartilaginous or gristly.

Its a lot of dirty water And some little dabs of spuds, And dubious hunks of gristly meat And divers other duds.