Gritty [adjective]

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The book manages to do justice to Oak Flat as its own universe of nitty-gritty legal details and clashing interests, but one that’s also representative of broader dynamics and abuses that have played out in America for centuries.

It’s just sometimes a little bit gritty because the truth is maybe not what people thought.

Simply melting sand, which is mostly silica, will make glass, but that gritty stuff won’t get the kind of optical purity needed to ping light around the globe.

Enter Richardson, a former Philadelphia 76er who has a reputation as a “tough and gritty” player who has spent his whole NBA career in the more physical Eastern Conference.

As a private company, Zocdoc doesn’t reveal the nitty-gritty of its metrics.

This was not the first time he donated big to a ballot initiative aimed at tweaking the nitty-gritty details of how Colorado functions.

“Disco Elysium,” the gritty noir detective story that was one of the best role-playing experiences of 2019, is getting a definitive version called “The Final Cut.”

Sure it was gritty and had all of the outsized macho elements in place.

Much more efficient electric vehicle batteriesAt an event called Battery Day, you’d expect some nitty gritty engineering details about anodes and diodes—and Musk didn’t disappoint.

Rather, the report envisions a world where CRISPR babies will eventually be allowed, and digs into the nitty-gritty of technical and oversight requirements for the procedure to become medically acceptable.