Groan [noun]

Definition of Groan:

moan, complaint

Synonyms of Groan:

Opposite/Antonyms of Groan:


Sentence/Example of Groan:

The next moment a pistol was fired at their head, and a deep groan shewed it had taken too true an aim.

With a groan, wrung from the very depths of his heart, he tossed the man a gold-piece; another to the woman.

Tom sat down as he said this, and, uttering a sort of groan, leaned his back against a tree.

With a groan and a curse the guerrilla chieftain yielded himself a prisoner.

You must imagine this sound as something between a grunt and a groan, that the estimable lady gave vent to whenever put out.

She caught her underlip between two rows of white teeth to quell the groan of helplessness.

Even when the Red Cross men and women carried out the injured, Isabel did not hear a groan.

He could hardly speak, but he made a sound which, though his heart was inexpressibly glad, was like a groan.

I groan at the thought, for I think she is quite one of the most disagreeable little creatures I ever saw.

Rollo himself had struck out with his mighty hoofs, and a sailor went down upon the pavement with a groan.