Groaned [verb]

Definition of Groaned:

moan, complain

Synonyms of Groaned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Groaned:

Sentence/Example of Groaned:

Now, the whole Northwest groaned beneath a cast-iron prohibition law at that time, and for some years thereafter.

It was a cloudy, stormy evening: high wind was blowing, and the branches of the trees groaned and creaked above our heads.

She groaned aloud, and her tears flowed faster: Alessandro was making the baby's coffin.

The spirit groaned within her, and she went resolutely forward, passing the Winter Palace Hotel.

Ministers wrung their hands, the king sent for his confessor, the queen wept—but the nation groaned.

Chains creaked, hinges groaned, and the great black pall above him began gradually to rise.

She put her trunk around his neck and started to lift him, but he groaned with pain for he was being smothered.

Plunging on, he found himself before a window whose small panes dripped and groaned under a rain that was fast becoming a torrent.

Off the coast of South Carolina they ran into a heavy storm, and the great ship creaked and groaned as it buffeted wind and wave.

Harvey groaned at the effort it cost him, but did as he was told, and they left the canoe and struck out with him for the shore.