Groaning [verb]

Definition of Groaning:

moan, complain

Synonyms of Groaning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Groaning:

Sentence/Example of Groaning:

He took face-fulls of bear spray with no way to shield himself, and a video captured his agonizing groans and twisted face as the assault continued before he was finally freed and pulled back.

There was a collective groan in the press box when two Giants jumped on Smith’s back and twisted him to the ground for their first sack of him on his second possession of the second quarter.

Tressan fell suddenly to groaning and wringing his hands a pathetic figure had it been less absurd.

A poor old woman sat groaning over the fire, and two children crouched, half-clothed, on the bare floor.

Here the French kings reveled in voluptuousness, with their prisoners groaning beneath their feet.

A sullen calm fell, and the smack rolled with clashing blocks and groaning spars, making night hideous.

Daisy was still groaning as Mogin put the car in first and sent it whizzing down the street.

As he spoke, the tall clock in the corner, after an ominous creaking and groaning, began to strike five.

On the General Monk were stretched the dead bodies of twenty men, while twenty-six wounded lay groaning below.

The wounded were groaning on the dry turf, men were bringing in the dead, and here and there women wailing.