Grogs [noun]

Definition of Grogs:

alcoholic drink

Synonyms of Grogs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grogs:


Sentence/Example of Grogs:

A good dinner solves many a difficulty, whilst the post-prandial cigar and a glass of grog, like faith, removes mountains.

It fully explained his eccentricities, John reflected sagely, as he mixed himself a grog.

Why, then, what I have to propose will be nothing to a man like you—you found the beef wholesome, and the grog mellow!

He had been drinking much grog and his face was flushed and angry.

I am neither a drinker of grog nor a gambler, and have suffered from him what I would suffer from no other man.

One of them bade me run for my life, for Karta, he said, had gone mad with grog.

Then I went round and served it out to the people, and never was grog more thankfully received.

We had an additional allowance of grog served out, and what with dancing and singing, the fun was kept up till long after dark.

After a good dinner, washed down with a glass or so of grog, we went to look at the place where the missing man had slept.

They returned indoors, and Anstey made the heat and the walk an excuse for another glass of grog.