Grooming [verb]

Definition of Grooming:

make ready, prepare physically

Synonyms of Grooming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grooming:

Sentence/Example of Grooming:

In other cases however family members abandon women after learning that they were sold to a groom in a different and state.

She needed the grooming––this neglected, listless, slatternly old maid of a craft.

A hundred men might be seen occupying themselves in grooming their horses.

There isn't a team in the country gets more grooming than those colts, and not a man has been known to overdrive them.

She attended him during his flight, grooming his horse, and enduring great hardships through fatigue and want of food.

The camp looked very strange without the horses, and it was odder still to have no watering or grooming to do.

The little dog submitted to his vigorous scrubbing and grooming, but he refused his supper.

To make sure that he had understood him he asked him to enter the stall and begin the process of grooming.

A pretty fair-looking mare she became, to be sure, when good feeding and careful grooming had made her fat and glossy once more.

Just about a mile outside the camp they were met by Henderson, mounted on one of the huge mules, that shone with much grooming.