Grossest [adjective]

Definition of Grossest:

large, fat

Synonyms of Grossest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grossest:

Sentence/Example of Grossest:

Life is represented as struggling to free herself from the gross earthly forms that cling to her.

Does a friend come and add to the gross character of such a man the unknown trait of disgusting gluttony?

All these gross absurdities show, that the real spirit has nothing whatever to do with such absurd doctrines or productions.

When the hern or bitron flies low, the air is gross, and thickening into showers.

To abandon any part of the inheritance of primitive times would be gross heresy, a fatal dereliction of Christian duty.

But that gross way of two comparatives was then ordinary; and, therefore, more pardonable in Jonson.

Do not be fond of shewing my letter; the playful effusions of friendship would be construed by strangers as gross vanity.

There was a gross fellow in the next section of red-plush whose snoring drowned the throb of the engines.

It provided for a royalty upon the gross receipts, to be paid after the play had earned the expenses of its production.

The comic authors entertained spectators by fantastic and gross displays, by the exhibition of buffoonery and pantomime.