Grotesquely [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Grotesquely:

Such as a scene where a corpse is being disposed of in a grotesque manner while the car radio in the background blasts Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.”

Anselme, thus enjoined, lent an unwonted alacrity to his movements, waddling grotesquely like a hastening waterfowl.

A horse or a tree or a clump of brush loomed up grotesquely in the vaporous blur.

The third was a mournful-eyed Schree, clad in an ornamented smock-like garment, from which his thin limbs thrust grotesquely.

He rose, shaking himself together, and his glance fell on the three suspended socks bulging grotesquely.

Nowhere perhaps has the great water erosion of bygone aeons wrought more grotesquely and fantastically than in the Moqui basin.

But the most intent spectator of the scene was Parpon the dwarf, who was grotesquely crouched upon the wide ledge of a window.

A shade of vexation passed over her face, grotesquely elongating the downward-dropping lines.

There was a rip and a crack, and the released tarpaulin was a hundred yards away, flapping grotesquely over the sandhills.

He was pointing to a mark in the trail's dust—the large square imprint of a great flat foot, grotesquely human.