Grotesqueness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Grotesqueness:

He was at least sixty-five years of age, bent and stoop-shouldered, with features that were homely to the point of grotesqueness.

Colossal it certainly is, as Howells and Stedman agreed: colossal in its grotesqueness as in its sublimity.

With a cry at the grotesqueness of the thing, he flung it from him, watching it go skipping over the polished floor.

Indifferent to his grotesqueness, he took it off and put it on the ground beside him, standing ready to command attention.

For the grotesqueness and inconvenience of a wound are sometimes more swiftly felt than its pain.

Generally a great wooden stern-wheel propels this strange craft, adding to the grotesqueness of the sight.

Bernald wavered, torn between loyalty to his friends and the grotesqueness of answering in the affirmative.

Would you believe that even while following his coffin, I realised keenly the grotesqueness of the ceremony?

And we would not choose in a child's literary training any large mass of material in which grotesqueness is a prevailing note.

"But its grotesqueness will not be so obvious at the Ringers' Arch," he said.