Groundless [adjective]

Definition of Groundless:

without reason, justification

Synonyms of Groundless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Groundless:

Sentence/Example of Groundless:

Caputo made groundless accusations that government scientists are conducting “sedition” and warned of coming left-wing violence before taking leave from his position.

He was beginning to hope that Romanoff had been playing a practical joke on him, and that all his fears were groundless.

Your anxiety lest any coldness should arise between Mr. E. and me will, I hope, prove groundless.

Ormsby attacked me hotly for trying to excite a groundless alarm, and I was recommended to hold my tongue and go to sleep.

But a still more satisfactory answer is, that the apprehension of danger is groundless, and therefore the whole argument fails.

For his assumption, groundless in every case, is false in a peculiar degree with respect to those sensible qualities.

The assertion of some travellers, that barley was known to the Peruvians before the arrival of the Spaniards, is groundless.

The charge is utterly groundless; and in the case of Bettine has been refuted by irrefragable proof.

How utterly groundless such a conception was the coming years were to show.

Perhaps her fears were groundless, and she was over-anxious; and then, perhaps, Daisy really needed immediate medical aid.