Groundswell [noun]

Definition of Groundswell:

movement by the general population

Synonyms of Groundswell:

Opposite/Antonyms of Groundswell:


Sentence/Example of Groundswell:

One of the reasons, he notes, could be the groundswell of support going to Bobi Wine.

Those businesses that caught onto the trend in early to mid-March were ahead of the groundswell in early April.

It would be dangerous now to keep quite close to the rocks, for a heavy groundswell had risen.

There has been no rain in the night, and no groundswell to produce any vibration.

The courage and the endurance women must possess to face a groundswell like this!

For it is the nature of a groundswell to be exceedingly deceptive.

All over the country the groundswell of unrest was steadily and rapidly rising.

For he was rolling with a great groundswell of merriment, and slapping his thigh and chuckling.

With heavy doleful clamour, hour on hour, and day on day, The muddy groundswell lifts and breaks and falls and slides away.

To-day the groundswell was more active, the waves closer together, not having had time to forget the force of the extinct gale.