Grouped [verb]

Definition of Grouped:

bring together

Synonyms of Grouped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grouped:

Sentence/Example of Grouped:

There are five general heads under which the characteristics to be sought may be grouped.

A small but beautiful river debouches from the lake at its west end, and the town is grouped around this outlet.

I found there, however, a piece of unmistakable chrysotile, grouped amongst a miscellaneous lot of American minerals.

They were grouped now at the other end of the long, low chamber, by the door leading to the interior of the inn.

While the others stood grouped about that still figure on the floor, Sergeant Burton entered the little office.

Staphylococci are commonly grouped in clusters, often compared to bunches of grapes (Fig. 113).

The buildings are usually grouped together at a favorable spot on the banks of the Amazon or one of its tributaries.

They grouped themselves before the door, and were followed by the men, also evidently dressed in their best.

Their chief station is Genadendal, eighty miles east of Cape Town, which has several smaller stations grouped around it.

When Eric hurried back, there were three servants grouped at the dining-room door.