Grouper [adjective]

Definition of Grouper:

public, friendly

Synonyms of Grouper:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grouper:

Sentence/Example of Grouper:

Under a coral ledge, a day octopus and a brown-marbled grouper meet.

This beautiful grouper rivals the rock hind in its gay and varied coloration.

I hardly think a grouper would attack anything as large as a dog out in the open sea.

"That's a red grouper," said the captain, sparing a glance from his own captive.

We got out our fishing-lines, and caught some deep sea-fish, of the grouper species.

Varieties of fish are found here, beautiful to the eye and delicious to the taste: of these, the best is the red grouper.

This grouper is one of the most bizarre and gayly colored in the family Serranid.

They swam slowly around, looking for the grouper's hiding place and failed to locate it.

He let his momentum carry him right through the grouper's front door into the cabin.

Rick followed, half expecting to see Scotty and the grouper meet head on, but the fish hadn't returned.