Groupings [noun]

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Based on its Federated Learning of Cohorts API, Google was able to show that targeting interest-based cohorts would perform significantly better than random user groupings.

As you keep cranking, you zoom out to increasingly larger groupings — clusters of billiard ball molecules, sectors of billiard balls, and so on.

The key was to simulate groupings dense enough that stellar flybys happen regularly, but not so dense that the encounters happen too often and destroy disks before planets can grow up.

Parents can create individual profiles for each child, customized to one of several age groupings, like preschool, younger and older — the latter meant for the tween crowd.

Segments that perform or convert at a high level indicate interest from that grouping of potential customers and, therefore, are worth a higher investment through the use of bid modifiers.

In estivo-autumnal fever the regular grouping, while usually present at first, is soon lost, thus causing "irregular malaria."

A dark moon has joined this celestial grouping, and is now swinging in an orbit about the earth.

The selection and grouping of these objects is spoken of as the composition of the picture.

But his pictures had no elaborate grouping, which is one of the excellences of modern art.

His style was modified by the contemplation of the sculptures of Phidias, and he taught the true method of grouping.