Groused [verb]

Definition of Groused:

groan, complain

Synonyms of Groused:

Opposite/Antonyms of Groused:

Sentence/Example of Groused:

They groused about "the great days of Lovelace," and gave people like Rudd a most godless time.

Lloyd was a good soldier, learned quickly, obeyed every order promptly, never groused at the hardest fatigues.

Though they groused at the time, the girls laughed as they discussed these details over the eggs and bacon.

He was out of the danger zone again, and in a rest camp with his men, who "groused" at "fatigues" imposed upon them unreasonably.

"You told my chief of staff that it was urgent," Sir Harold groused.

We groused at the amount of drills and night operations, to being hut orderlies, going on guard, and so on.

But she never groused about her hard career, or was sorry for herself, or anything like that.

She groused, but submitted to the inevitable, and enjoyed herself very much when once she had made the plunge and started forth.

"You bet it's only seniors who'll have any luck," groused Diana, who was still in the depths of despondency.

The men didn't seem overglad to see us, and groused a good deal about the extra crowding.