Groveling [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Groveling:

The four groveling on the deck heard scream and answering scream above them as the monsters discussed the question on the wing.

Of the videos that would no doubt come out, of me weeping, reduced to a groveling animal.

Rickie rebuked his own groveling soul, and turned his eyes away from the night, which had led him to such absurd conclusions.

That country was groveling under the heel of one of the most hideous systems that the baseness of man ever conceived.

He fell over a log and went rolling and groveling in the brush and dead leaves.

Out there, in the thick shadows beyond the fire, a body was groveling and kicking in death agonies.

He fell groveling upon the floor and crawled to Mic-co's feet.

But the cat and dog, groveling in exaggerated humility, crawl up to her, and speak together.

It is too abjectly selfish and groveling to command the least respect from a noble character or a great, tender soul.

For these low and groveling thoughts, for this contradiction of the word and vicar of God, this man was imprisoned for many years.