Grovels [verb]

Definition of Grovels:

abase, demean oneself

Opposite/Antonyms of Grovels:

Sentence/Example of Grovels:

We need not grovel in the sinks and cellars, neither need we ruminate upon the house-tops.

Behind the back of Monsieur P—— they grouch; before his face they grovel.

Nay, I would ask her forgiveness and grovel before her, if she would only let me enjoy her love again.

Then the two ladies who looked beheld Houdaine fall down at the feet of Sir Tristram and grovel there with joy.

Mahmud tried to grovel at the captains feet, wailing to Allah and the Prophet.

I will off into my Hell, and grovel there in fire for ever.'

I've seen you grovel, and I've heard you whine, and what a man will do once he'll do again under like conditions.

If Miss Sorel were going to be married, and leave for England, she wouldn't want a secretary long, so there was no need to grovel!

Why, I would maroon any of my crew who would cry and grovel and snivel when tied up for his three dozen.

Like the miserable cur that you are, you grovel and beg and pray in a way that I would never condescend to do to you.