Groves [noun]

Definition of Groves:

cluster of trees

Synonyms of Groves:

Opposite/Antonyms of Groves:


Sentence/Example of Groves:

The building, a mosque-like structure of considerable size, was situated in the midst of a grove of mango trees.

She locks the door behind them, and throws the key among the nettles that grew in a thick grove at her right.

There is another cocoanut grove on the farm, beside the one where Alila gets the tuba.

A little way beyond the poplar-grove Piegan drew rein, and held up one hand.

Once—twice, the chorus of that old English Royalist song rose up out of the grove.

He stole into the heart of the grove and satisfied himself that our game had not appropriated it as a camping-place.

A black, menacing wall that rose before us suddenly resolved itself into a grove of trees, great four-foot cottonwoods.

As Sir George Grove said, his organs are celebrated for "their excellent engineering qualities."

Outside Rome, showing the same ideas at work among neighbouring peoples, was the 'golden bough' in the grove of Diana at Aricia.

The white beam of light rayed out from a thick grove of shrubs and small trees on the other side of the big yard.