Grower [noun]

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This is the wine that made me fall in love with grower Champagne.

Changing just one word in the sentence “wine growers revel in good season” can produce the sentences “wine growers revel in strong season” or “wine growers revel in flu season.”

Gardyn, a plug-in home gardening machine, is designed to let prospective growers cultivate fresh leafy greens indoors with the help of artificial intelligence.

Oysters typically grow in cages or reefs resting on the bottom of shallow water or in cages floating at the surface, so this technology would allow oyster growers to better take advantage of deeper waters.

The countries of Western and Central Europe are among the world’s largest growers of food, but native population declines force a heavy reliance at harvest time on migrant workers from places like Belarus and Romania.

For the tree industry, from the independent growers to the big home-improvement stores that sell them, there’s a lot on the line.

Even if growers were to double the current weight of giant pumpkins, those fruits would just get flat.

So she sought a way to help growers predict when their plants truly needed water.

Intelligentsia’s direct trade practices support their growers all over the world.

Van Twiller was himself a grower of the plant and had his tobacco farm at Greenwich.