Growl [noun]

Definition of Growl:

animal-like sound

Synonyms of Growl:

Opposite/Antonyms of Growl:


Sentence/Example of Growl:

For true grit, the Unlimited Rubicon 392—at a pricey $60,000—boasts a stunning 470-hp V8 Hemi engine, muscular cladding and four tailpipes pumping out a heady exhaust growl.

Again they heard the growl much nearer than before, and it became evident that the lion was intent on claiming hospitality.

So with a fearful growl, and a bark that might have frightened a lion, Bravo made a leap and a spring after poor little Downy.

“But we ought to pony up the money for his support like good sports,” said Darry, continuing to growl.

Lawrence made no answer, and with a curse and a growl the guerrillas turned away.

The bears growl in stupefaction and rage, and take deep breaths to begin again.

Pincher, who followed close at her heels, gave an ominous growl, and burst off into a fresh paroxysm of barking.

While he was avoiding the fissures, and carefully picking his way around the curve, a savage growl broke suddenly on his ears.

The tree then began to sway from side to side and they heard another growl, louder than the first.

Even as he spoke the dull growl of a cataract was heard, and, a few minutes later, the party came upon the ford of the river.