Growled [noun]

Definition of Growled:

animal-like sound

Synonyms of Growled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Growled:


Sentence/Example of Growled:

As they entered, a liver-coloured hound that lay stretched before the fire growled lazily, and showed the whites of his eyes.

“That girl ought to get a job at a broadcasting station,” growled out Darry, as they went out upon the street.

Skipper Worse growled a little and rubbed his head, when Sivert Gesvint pressed his hand and welcomed him with effusion.

When he saw Harry he stopped and his hand went to his belt, "Who be yo' un," he growled, "and what do yo' un want?"

“If Havelock had the second thousand men he asked for he would now be marching here,” growled Nicholson.

Officers and men ate a slight meal, growled a bit, and swung off in the new direction.

As the animal crouched at Bascomb's feet, his baleful eyes turned in the boy's direction, and he growled menacingly.

Here, you,” he growled, “was aught said to thee whereby thou hast a scruple to tell me how many guns defend the Cashmere Gate?

"Better stop making a fuss, first off," growled another masculine voice, and again Betty giggled nervously.

"Ought to be fifty," growled the fellow, as he turned and went into the house, and they saw him no more.