Grown [adjective]

Definition of Grown:

of age

Synonyms of Grown:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grown:


Sentence/Example of Grown:

The students, it turns out, had many of the same questions as the grown-ups.

Drew Bolender is a grown man who likes weightlifting, video games and the band Green Day.

To me, the dynamics of our game resemble how grown children balance their desire to stay close to their parents with their desire to strike out on their own.

I mean, these are grown-ass men who get educated and make grown-ass decisions.

In some cases, the platform has tripled daily traffic, and, what’s more improbable, grown ad revenue by over 30% this year.

As there are still many varieties of the plant grown in America, so there doubtless was when cultivated by the Indians.

Here is a chair, Monsieur Arden; but you can hardly see it until your eyes have grown a little accustomed to our crpuscula.

Where the outside conditions are not very favourable, practically all the British species may be grown with ease under glass.

It was true that his sight had grown accustomed to the obscurity, for he could now see the baron's features much more distinctly.

It may be fifty or a hundred centuries since men, although they were fully grown up, still went on trying to learn.