Grownup [adjective]

Definition of Grownup:

fully developed; experienced

Opposite/Antonyms of Grownup:

Sentence/Example of Grownup:

Robinhood’s awkward adolescence hasn’t kept it from raising very grownup sums.

Here are some tips for grownups and young people alike for how to talk with someone about misinformation and make sure the information you’re getting and sharing is true.

Lucy Jane Bull and her sisters were quite old enough to understand a good deal of grownup conversation when they overheard it.

Onward and still onward to a glorious end, left entirely to myself and entrusted with an important task like a grownup person!

Now, you and I, grownup, walk along the sidewalks of San Francisco and all we see under our calloused old feet is a sidewalk.

Rosa Stevenson's grownup sister is going away next month to be a missionary!

She was a grownup during the Civil War when she was commandered by Union soldiers invading the country and employed as a cook.

Father, mother, two grownup sons, and one or two daughters--evidently by a former marriage.

"You've been told before not to butt in to grownup talk," his uncle reproved him irascibly.

There were also several students, college girls, and grownup schoolboys from the higher gymnasia classes.